Andes trekkings and eco-lodges

Walking in the Andes, easily higher than 3500 meters, sleeping in lodges at similar heights and wondering why your heart is beating so heavily that sleep is difficult to find. And knowing that it is cold there. But beautiful views, many canyons and strange encounters with local inhabitants (alpaca’s, lama’s or dogs).

You find a lot of eco-lodges. Partly it is marketing and – sometimes – you find the die hard lodges that already do it for 20-30 years. The Black Sheep Inn in ChucChilan is such one. They have dry toilets, rainwater fueled urinoirs, use the “products” of both to fertilize the flowers and plants in their toilets (really) and – by this – use much less water than other lodges. And they provided their toilets with a majestic view over the Andes. And they had a finnish sauna and hot tub and fitness (open) room and a yoga room for a perfect morning meditation.

We bought a cacao bean at the Puyo rainforest market, took it with us for some days, and finally roasted it on a stove in the Andes, pealed it and ate the roasted beans. Great !

2 thoughts on “Andes trekkings and eco-lodges

  1. You arrived in our beloved Andes. Our hearts melt. Embrace the mountains, kiss the rocks, drink the air and greet the people from us. Karen & Marnix

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