9 days school for “The work”

For all information and background : see http://www.thework.com … a non profit organisation started by Katie Byron some 30 years ago.

How to decribe this? We questioned everything. All… All what I’ve lived till now, all my struggling, all the dark toughs in my mind, all my suffering, all my excuses, my self blame,  my victim stories,  all my projections… and ask ourselfs “Is it true”? And to become still and to listen…

Katie Byron, an amazing women, with so much love, with so much compassion and understanding for our true nature, a blessing for the world and for us. 

Some impressions of our idyllic location in Ojai :

Foto’s taken during our “Morning walk ” : 180 people walking in silence ! Walking in silence, noticing and naming as if eveything is simple and new : Tree… leave… women… car… green…

It was and is a challenge and a blessing for our relationships. Turning every stone and every topic. And we are still daily doing our work and plan to continue to do it.

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