Los Angeles and Venice Beach

How did I miss to dance! You can do it every day in LA 😁! What a blessing to do the work on the dancefloor and what a present to do that in the presence of Kate Shela. Wow


Amazing time on Venice Beach. Huge differences between rich and poor. Lots of homeless people, pots of pod, everybody calm and relaxed. And the homeless seem to be  more happy than the others. They have time, no hurry, they ask for what they need. Satisfied with, having some food, a warm sleepingbag, friends and just being here and now in this moment. A lot to learn from them.

And they seem to co-exist peacefully, which is strange to me. I (P) sat aside a homeless man who carried all his belongings (probably) in his only bag, looking at a gathering of a clearly “well earning” group of young 30’iers. It felt very strange, this difference in world at 5 meters distance.

And also interesting to discover how California is awakening since the 1st of januari into a world of (almost) legalised distribution of marihuana and derivatives. Still only for medical usage, but it seems many diseases really profit from the use. For Americans, medical permits are easy to get.

LA, my (M) first skyscraper experience! Quite impressive,  but one day’s enough 😊.

Interesting to think that the whole Sarayaku tribe could easily fit into one building of 40m x 40m ground surface, compared to their forest of 40km x 40km.

You can find Deloitte in every corner of the world, not only as Caeleste’s fiscalist and organiser of worldwide “the fastest hightech growers” contest.

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