AMAZING four days hike into the Grand Canyon

We started the 1st of April -2 C,*** snowfall with food for 4 days, tent and sleeping bags at an elevation gain of about 2000.

First day we hiked 1500 m down into the bottom of the Canyon to the Colorado River, about 25 C at the bottom.

Breakfast at our first camping. The squirrels liked our food πŸ˜€.

On the way to our second backcountry campground.

Shower in the morning. Amazing! So beautiful and cold!

The Vegetation changed drastically from top to the bottom.

Third day hiking one level higher almost flat. Patrick played the whole day with stones 😊. He also found some inner voices of Marion πŸ˜•.

In the afternoon a thunderstorm.

We arrived at our backcountry place soaking wet. The good news was that we found a great place to cook and camp, in a cave.

The difficult, long and exhausting hike up to Hermes Rest at the rim.

Sunset at south rim.

This was just amazing!

4 thoughts on “AMAZING four days hike into the Grand Canyon

  1. Great pictures of a great and unique place! The power of nature is very impressive and touching, wild animals everywhere. We have seen a lot of rabbits, squirrels and also a family of β€œElche” beside the El Tovar Hotel at south rim and coyote very close on the way to Tusayan.
    All the best for you!!!


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