Sivananda yoga retreat : Bahamas

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Before passing by Europe in July, we visited the Sivananda yoga retreat in Nassau for 12 days, in the Bahamas.
The ashram is located on paradise island, at a beautiful beach. A garden of peace and calmness, at less than a kilometer from on of the hugest resorts I know (Atlantis), but uncontaminated.
The schedule consisted of morning and evening satsangs and daily yoga classes. And vegetarian meals were served. We followed a meditation course.

One evening we got a beautiful concert in the ashram’s main hall :

"We not giving up" We not giving up.
You can find the link in Kirtan/modern concert of Narayan Jyoti & Machel Montano.

The retreat is also a living community, consisting of

  • a limited (?8-12) number of fixed people who took an engagement for minimum 1 year – for life, with each a separate dress color (yellow/orange)
  • a large group of yogi students who either follow one of the yoga teacher courses or who do a workstay of 1-3 months and get partially or full relief of costs in exchange for 5-6 hours of work a day
  • a large group of people who stay for a limited time (1-2 weeks, as we did), who don’t work, follow daily yoga, meditations, morning/evening satsangs, follow one of the continuously ongoing other courses. Those guest have more commercial accomodations, pay fully for their stay (and are the source of funding of the global ashram activity)

The retreat center is one of the best kept secrets of the Bahamas. And there was also relaxation and beach pleasure.

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