Stillness and contemplation

Always more photos on the blog : Click on for the full posting.

We stayed 10 days with a group of 26 participants in the small and intense living & praying Jezuit community (5-6) of the Haus Gries. Our silent days consisted more or less of 4-5 hours of contemplative prayer/meditation, 1 hour of community work, 2-3 hours of walking in nature, 1/2 hour of daily talk with our spiritual counselor, a daily eucharisty and intention, vegetarian meals and sleep in a separate cell/hut. All in silence and submerged in our own process.

It was a challenging and deep source of inspiration. These photos are the best way to give you a taste of it.

Haus Gries where Marion had her small sacred room and the Hobbit house where Patrick stayed :

Contemplative impressions

Marion’s womb in nature and Patrick’s favorite praying place

Working meditation : Marion in the garden and Patrick’s “Lieblinge” :




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