Exploring the self in Amalurra

For more photos and more detail, please click on the blog http://www.pilgrimagehome.com/2017/08/23/exploring-the-self-in-amalurra/

We had a deep, confronting and moving 10 days 5 Rhythms “mirrors-level” workshop : “Exploring the self“. A beautiful and amazingly simple and powerful way to dance through the landscape of our home-made Ego. Uncovering and looking at our own private patterns, rewiring them in movement and reconnecting with the beautiful self we truly are.

Our heartfelt thanks to our teachers Alain, Jonathan, Alex and the whole support team.

Amalurra was the beautiful location, West of Bilbao, in Artzentales, with a rural hotel run by a 25 year old living and dynamic Community of 11 couples (ca 40 pers) . Very inspiring !  their values , and how they mindfully prepared the space to support us. You find a lot on their website.

Afterwards we walked at the sea around Sopelana with overcrowded as well as desolated beaches.

and went back to Bilbao (yearly festival Semana Grande) and enjoying our last delicious Pintxos.

and a nice stand detailing the making of Churros :

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