Enjoying time by myself 

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A week alone on the way to the north of Denmark, Amrum, Sylt, Romo. My feets are already sore and I enjoy this landscape, the weather, the wind, the waves, the simplicity of life, to follow just my intuition. 

A foggy evening in Amrum after Patrick left.

Found a dry shelter in the community room of the camping during the heavy rain at night 😀.

Lazy breakfast at the beach

Sunset walks around the lighthouse 

By ferry to Sylt

No rooms in the youth hostel. The nights are getting chilly without Patrick in my sleeping bag. 

My sore feets are grateful for cycling to the “Ellenbogen”, the most northern part of Sylt. Wonderful! I love this landscape so much. It is incredibly peaceful. Exactly what I need to digest the silent retreat and 10 days of 5Rhytm dance “Mirrors”.

Sunset and sunrise near Westerland at the youth hostel beach

Arriving in Romo, the first island in Denmark 

Enjoying the playfulness on the wide beaches of Romo

Really enjoyed a week on my own and looking forward to seeing Patrick tomorrow again.

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