Endless beaches in Jutland

For the full text and all photos, please go to our blog www.pilgrimagehome.com 

After Patricks Mensworkshop we met again about 20 km below Esbjerg. We walked up to the north, Nymindegab, Hvide Sande, Thorsminde, Thybron/Ferry, Thy Nationalpark, Thisted, Jerslev, Rubjerg Kunde lighthouse to Hirthals. There we took the Ferry to Larvik/Norway. And the 4 seasons every day, so for some days we took a car in the end to stay dry.

This Landscape just calms the mind. Beaches as far as you can see. Wind, rain, sun, everything gets blown away – still, simple, timeless, very few people, a small ferry in Thybron, almost no restaurants… just beautyful!

Walks in the dunes around Nymindegab.

Our lovely huts, especially the one on my 50th birthday in Hvide Sande.

Impressive “Sand Art” in Sondervig.

Visiting Katie, a 5 Rhythm friend, and Jakob in Jerslev. We had deep talks and a really nice and honest exchange about our relationships. Found many delicious mushrooms on our walk in the woods, cooked and laughed together. Thanks, it was just lovely. 

Moving dunes which were swallowing the lighthouse of Rubjerg Kunde. Now the dunepassed and it is the sea who is about to swallow it forever. Everything will pass, in the end. We are passionate about the clay cliffs where the dune is situated on. 

Landart Meditation in Nature

Hirthals, our last stop in Denmark. We took the ferry from there to Larvik.

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