“Intersein” Mindful living

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After our stay in Deer Park California in April, we wanted to deepen our experience of the spirituality of Thich Nhat Hahn. In the lay community “Intersein” in Germany we found the wonderful retreat “Cultivating mindfulness as a way of life” with sister Chance Dieu Nghiem (Sr Jina) who lives in Plum Village France. It was a really profound as well as practical introduction how to live mindful in daily life.

As we stayed two days longer, we had the chance to get to know the community of “Intersein” a bit better. We really fell in love with this practice and the people… and we’ll certainly come back to stay for a longer period.

Morning magic

On our way, we also stayed one day in Passau.

After we spent a very nice evening with Stefan and Katharina in their new community project near Gmunden, we did a wonderful and exhausting two days trip on the Traunstein.

Traunsee with wonderful autonm weather…

…before we went back to Vienna to visit my son and my recovering mother.

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