Hippie beaches and camper life

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Very cosy and relaxed Hippie beach. Everybody is in a good mood, smiling, helping, smoking, drinking,  chatting… Most of our neighbours used to live in their caravans. We saw some really lovely vans. We can get used to this lifestyle!

Great! Simple life in a camper 😀.

Patrick had to prepare the fish outside. Cought freshly by our neighbours.

Typical ceramic paintings. Very nice! You can see them also on many houses.

Some beaches are only reachable at low tide, by climbing or crawling through caves.

Caught 😀! …or Patrick found something to play. It is still in our car. I guess he’s gonna take it by airplane to our 5Rhytm workshop “Space” in Tel Aviv in 3 weeks 😂.

Cold wind and amazing waves at the west coast.

3 days alone in my INDIE Van. Patrick went to a Board meeting in Belgium. Somebody has to earn the money 😀.

Enjoying life!

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